Becky Hinze – Billing Manager

Becky’s friendly nature and attention to detail make her a wonderful billing manager at our HFL office. She has over 10 years’ experience in customer relations, office administration, and accounts payable/receivable.  She always endeavors to use her people and paperwork skills to help others.

Becky is originally from Minnesota but has lived in Utah most of her life. She loves to spend time with her stellar husband Alan and their beloved daughter Sarah. She is a major foodie and theater guru. Her other passions include playing games, bargain shopping, organizing, and kickboxing. She also finds joy in taking care of her aging parents and serving in her local church and community.



Brooklyn Nelson – Front Desk

Brooklyn is a dedicated and passionate interior design student at Weber State University. She enjoys watching movies and hiking with her boyfriend Ozzy. Because of her deep-rooted love for family, she goes back home just about every weekend to play cards or just scream 2000s songs with her sisters. Brooklyn holds a special place in her heart for her two little sisters, considering them the world’s most important people.

Having worked at Health For Life Spine & Disc for a considerable time, Brooklyn has become a valuable member of our team. She has developed strong bonds with not only her coworkers but the patients here at Health for Life too, reflecting a genuine care and commitment to her work. She looks forward to seeing the patients and catching up with them… even if it has only been a couple days!

Brooklyn is not only dedicated to her academic pursuits but also to fostering relationships and creating meaningful connections in both her professional and personal life. Her love for meeting new people and building connections is evident in the positive impact she has on those in the office and out!

Mariana Conde – Chiropractic Assistant

Mariana is a dedicated and compassionate professional. She is known for her love for her family, who are the center of her world. With a heart full of warmth and kindness, she has established deep connections with patients she serves and her coworkers, considering them her second family.

Mariana’s passion for life extends beyond the workplace. She finds balance in the practice of yoga, allowing it to nurture her mind and body. Her culinary talents are also amazing with a particular knack for creating mouthwatering empanadas that leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to taste them.

Mariana’s enthusiasm for meeting new people is evident in her genuine curiosity and the joy she derives from getting to know individuals from all walks of life. Her zest for life, coupled with her dedication to her family and her professional family, makes her a cherished member of any community she becomes a part of, especially here at Health for Life.

Jaci Wightman – Chiropractic Assistant

Jaci Wightman has worked in many different capacities in the chiropractic world for over 6 years, and her favorite thing is interacting and connecting with the many wonderful patients. She and her husband Greg raised their 7 kids in Rexburg, Idaho, but a job change brought them to Utah a few years ago. She’s now enjoying her new role as Eema to an ever-growing crew of grandkids.

As a Certified Wellness Coach and Mind-Body Coach, Jaci has built a faith-based online wellness platform that includes a YouTube channel, her You Made New podcast, and several successful online courses. She’s also the author of 4 books (with the hope of more to come). In her spare time, she loves reading, four-wheeling with her husband, and crazy, loud family parties. She’s thrilled to have found a home as part of the Health for Life team.



Kristin Worton – Massage Therapist

Kristin currently works at Health for Life as a massage therapist and graduated from Utah of Massage Therapy in 2003. Kristin started working at New Image Day Spa, where she worked for 15 years, as a massage therapist. She loves being a massage therapist as well as being able to help people out with the pain in their body. Currently, Kristin has two jobs, one at Health for Life, the second at Children’s Classic, as a toddler teacher for 5 1/2 years, where she just recently received a promotion as an Assistant Director. In her spare time, Kristin loves to draw, paint, and make jewelry. She loves spending time with my husband and family also. Kristin hopes to help her clients out to the best of her ability.

Savannah Anderson – Office Manager

Savannah is our Office Manager and has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant, Billing Assistant, and Administrative Assistant in the office previously. Savannah works to advocate for patients and oversees treatments plan execution in the office. Working in healthcare for almost 10 years, Savannah has found a sense of purpose in working to help others to live healthy lives.

With a bachelor’s degree in nutrition education, and an MBA in progress, Savannah is no stranger to hard work and intends to complete her master’s degree in Spring 2024. In addition to school, Savannah’s hobbies include exercise, cooking, baking, or anything outdoors with her husband and family.

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Sierra Smith