What is Bio Mesotherapy?

Bio Mesotherapy consists of painless injections at specific points, sometimes mixed with vitamins and other drugs. Bio Mesotherapy is a very safe and natural therapy, though amazingly effective and free of side effects.

Bio mesotherapy is a particular form of Mesotherapy that distinguishes itself by the use of injecting homeopathic and homotoxicologic medicines rather than using conventional medicines. Homotoxicology is a particular form of homeopathy scientifically and clinically proven to re-establish the regulation of body rhythms and processes. It’s based on cleaning the space between cells (extra-cellular matrix) to allow them to function better. Most injections are under the skin (subcutaneous) or in the muscles. Specific acupuncture and trigger points are also used, along with specific local points.

What is injected?                             

The injections consist of combinations of homeopathic medicines. These medicines are FDA-approved and manufactured by an Italian company that has been distributing its products to over 20 countries for 25 years.

Pain Management

There is no doubt that there is nothing more disabling than pain. Patients often willingly undergo various pain treatment protocols, conventional or otherwise, to alleviate difficult pain symptoms and sensations.  We believe the origin of pain from psychological, neurological, hormonal, and immunological causes can be addressed. These medicines activate reflex responses like a needle in an acupuncture point, releasing ant-pain chemical mediators. The therapeutic effect is immediate in acute and progressive pain and constant in chronic pain. It stimulates your body’s healing mechanisms, speeding up the process of injury recovery and repair. Biomesotherapy can complement chiropractic, physical, and sports injury therapy or may be used independently, depending on the type of condition.

It may treat various sports injuries, muscular pain, arthritis, chronic pain, lower back pain, neck pain, joint pain, nerve pain, and other acute or chronic injuries.

It is especially effective in acute injuries and has decreased the duration of some sports injuries, helping athletes resume their regular activity faster.

Although there is pain relief, it is important to realize that Biomesotherapy does not suppress the symptoms as with conventional medicine. It simply reorganizes the body’s information to support a healing response.

We recommend visiting our South Ogden Chiropractic office to determine if bio mesotherapy is the right treatment for your needs. Our experts will discuss your health history during your consultation to find the best treatment option for your health needs.


Imagine getting a face-lift, reducing lines and wrinkles, or having a breast lift and reducing cellulite and fat by introducing homeopathic medicines into your skin. Specific local and acupuncture points are chosen to stimulate your cells to communicate to produce these desired effects naturally. This can be accomplished with bio mesotherapy. The company GUNA, which manufactures these products, researched the cause of the most common aesthetic concerns and has developed the following products:

MADE: Improves skin tone, treats face and neck wrinkles treats local skin aging, and stimulates connective tissue metabolism
bio mesotherapy

bio mesotherapy

OMEOFORMULA 1 – Adiposity: Treats local and total body adiposity (The fat found in adipose tissue)
bio mesotherapy treatment near me

bio mesotherapy treatment near me

OMEOFORMULA 2 – Cellulite: Treats and reduces the appearance of cellulite
bio mesotherapy treatment ogden

bio mesotherapy treatment ogden

OMEOFORMULA 3 – Tissue Tone: Firms skin, Revitalizes tissues, Firms gluteus muscles
bio mesotherapy treatment south ogden

bio mesotherapy treatment south ogden

OMEOFORMULA 4 – Revitalizes and supports toning of the breasts

Other Injectable Products

GUNA-LUMBAR – For acute and chronic pain of the lower back region

GUNA-NECK – For acute and chronic pain of the neck region

GUNA-HANDFOOT – For acute and chronic pain of the hand and foot region

GUNA-HIP – For acute and chronic pain of the hip region

GUNA-SHOULDER – For acute and chronic pain of the shoulder region

GUNA-ISCHIAL – For acute and chronic pain of the sciatic region

GUNA-THORACIC – For acute and chronic pain of the mid and upper back region

GUNA-MUSCLE – For acute and chronic muscle aches and pains

GUNA-NEURAL – For acute and chronic nerve pain

GUNA-POLYARTHRITIS – For acute and chronic joint aches and pains

This science combines acupuncture with mesotherapy to stimulate your body to reverse the clock at the cell level. Through tiny injections, information is introduced into the skin to biologically correct the body’s deficiencies, i.e., lack of collagen, excessive fat accumulation, poor drainage of toxins, lax skin, and weak ligaments. Over time, the results of anti-aging in the truest sense are accomplished by reestablishing the cell functions responsible for revitalizing our bodies. This is accomplished by removing toxins from the cells, regenerating the production of the proteins needed for tighter, healthier skin, and cleansing our drainage systems to reawaken the cells that burn fat and rejuvenate our skin. The science of beauty starts from within our cells and translates into a more vibrant, toned, and rejuvenated face and body.

Benefits of GUNA injectables

– No local or general allergic reactions

– No adverse side effects in the short or long-term

– No contraindications

– Safe to use during pregnancy

– No interaction with other drugs

– Optimum interaction with other GUNA pain management and Omeoformula injectables

These therapies are drug-free and do not present unpleasant side effects commonly associated with orthodox medications. The remedies used contain no impurities, additives, or preservatives.

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